Letters to the Editor

Trump: What’s next, blindfolds and cigarettes?

“Arrest for treason?” Trump recently tweeted that question about Adam Schiff, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Was it a rhetorical question?

In recent weeks it appears our president has been decompensating. He has invoked the notion of a coming “Civil War” and questioned the patriotism of each voice that disagrees with him.

To date, no matter how false his claims, no matter how much he places self-interest above national interest, he has become intractable and has doubled-downed on each allegation against him.

One does not need to be a code-breaker to understand him when he says of the whistleblower that the US should “handle” him or her like it did “in the old days.”

Whether one calls it dog whistling or masked threats, Trump keeps suggesting that we patriots should dispense that last cigarette and a blindfold to his political enemies. At the moment, it seems, we all, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, have our backs to the wall.

Stephen Jaech, Steilacoom