Letters to the Editor

Moving on: Tacoma not what it used to be

Having lived 46 years in Tacoma, Puyallup and a short time in Seattle, I have to say it has been an uplifting and rewarding stretch.

But it is sad to see such tremendous growth in these three cities change the character and ambience from a hometown atmosphere into a busting-at-the-seams, get-outta-my-way development nightmare.

Sure, nothing stays the same, and improvement for improvement’s sake will always have its downsides: more people stacked in vertical housing, more cars, more crime, crowded schools and greater demands on public facilities.

These have and will continue to erase that familiar American neighborhood we like to remember.

Tacoma certainly has overcome the challenges of the 1970s in many positive, user-friendly ways.

As for me, as it was for my three adult children, it’s time to move on to a smaller, friendlier place – a city in Kansas, much like the one I grew up in. One whose city limits don’t share boundaries with other cities.

I will always cherish the pleasure of knowing interesting people and making friendships with like-minded solid citizens of the Great Northwest!

Steve Barnard, Tacoma