Letters to the Editor

Gun tax: A rallying cry for arms-phobic lefties

Re: “Taxing firearms and ammo sales is right thing,” (TNT, 10/20).

Well, columnist Matt Driscoll is at it again, this time trying to rally other arms-phobic lefties to support the City Council’s ridiculous plan to tax firearm and ammunition sales in Tacoma.

Any rational person knows such an action cannot possibly improve safety. In fact, even Driscoll as much as admits that, saying it’s important to enact the tax “just to see what happens.”

The only results of such a tax will be negative impacts on local businesses and additional, nonsensical costs for normal citizens exercising their constitutional rights - you know, those things that are not to be infringed.

I offer the same suggestion to all who would support such a cockamamie idea that I gave to council members: If you are so anxious to follow the example of Seattle, why not just move there and not try to impose your hatred of firearms on the rest of us? Just because you do not like something does not give you the authority to make access to it more difficult for those who do.

Richard Mayward, Tacoma