Letters to the Editor

FOOTBALL: Let's put sports in proper perspective

Re: “Why all the hate?” (TNT, 8-9).

“Hate” is an inappropriate term; let’s have rivalry over hostility.

Sports media are over the top. This article belonged in the sports section. Page one is for presidential races, wildfires, police shootings, Mideast wars and other significant national events.

This is the problem: Fall NFL football becomes a mania, even overriding church attendance. Let’s put pro football in proper perspective.

All forms of sports are essential for human development and recreation. They are necessary for a child’s health and growth. We steer kids toward school sports.

In extreme, Roman athletic events sponsored gladiators battling lions and other beasts. Spectators cheered the bloodletting and gruesome deaths. This was a “blood sport.”

Pro football today is ruled by size, strength and money. Do we still enjoy seeing opponents battered and bruised?

Team support is positive. We are loyal to our local team and community. We wear colors and logos to identify with these heroes. We are the 12th Man on the team.

Can we balance football with other Sunday activities, perhaps church attendance? Let’s have fervor for both.

Barbara Ruby