Letters to the Editor

FLUORIDE: Didn't doctors also recommend Camels?

Kit Burns, Tacoma

Do the math. We drink 182 gallons of water a year. Yet we use on average 36,500 gallons a year. Does that sound smart to put fluoride in 36,500 gallons if we only need it in 182 gallons?

Spokane and Portland don't put fluoride in their water system. The European Union doesn't put fluoride in its water. Israel just took action to stop putting fluoride in its water. Tacoma should stop putting fluoride in ours. Fluoride in our water doesn’t make sense.

My garden, my dishes, my car and my laundry don't need fluoride. Neither does Puget Sound.

There are two types of fluoride: industrial grade and pharmaceutical grade. We are drinking the industrial grade. We need to stop. Fluoride is effective only when applied directly to the surface of the tooth.

Your toothpaste tube tells you "to call a poison control center right away" if you accidentally swallow it.

Dentists recommending fluoride is no different than the doctors recommending Camels in the 1950s. Check out YouTube: "More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette." Stop fluoridation.

Kit Burns