Letters to the Editor

SHOPPING: What did we lose to get low prices?

I recently shopped at the Renton IKEA for the first time in many years. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of parking spots and customers. I took my place among the throngs, walking through the store in an IKEA-designed clockwise pattern.

I was impressed with IKEA’s brilliant business plan and execution – they deliver a shopping experience that is compelling to many. However, not one store employee noticed me or looked my way.

I couldn’t help but think back when I was a child accompanying my parents to the local furniture store. We were served by a furniture expert (earning a good, livable wage, I presume) who took the time to listen to our needs.

We all clamor for multitudes of choices and low prices, but has something been lost with this tradeoff?

Mark D. Baldridge

University Place