Letters to the Editor

HEROES: Can't help but contrast Trump with firefighters

Fred LaMotte, Steilacoom

I am deeply moved by the sacrifice of the firefighters who battle the massive blazes in our state, especially the three who died for us. The word “hero” is often overused these days, but not here.

I cannot help but compare their silent gift of love with the other news I hear constantly in the media: the bombastic rhetoric of Donald Trump. This is the most popular Republican presidential candidate? Really?

This emotional adolescent is so insecure, his entire modus operandi consists in shaming, insulting and diminishing others. He has praise for no one but himself. I can’t imagine a more dangerous model of leadership for our children.

In the stunning contrast between Trump and the heroes on the front line of fire, one can distinguish so clearly between pseudo-masculinity and true manhood of the heart.

Fred LaMotte