Letters to the Editor

HISTORY: Take the time to preserve your story

Re: “More than one way to save history” (letter, 8-30).

The writer quoted Harold LeMay as saying, “I don’t collect cars, I save history.” He goes on to write that we can save history by preserving landmark buildings.

There is another very important way everyone can preserve history, and that is by writing or recording their life story.

I’m sure that everyone who reads this has at some time thought, “I sure wish I had asked Grandma or my aunt about that.” But it’s too late; they are dead and gone.

By preserving your life story you will be leaving a legacy of untold worth to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Many of their questions they never thought to ask while you were alive might well be answered there.

As a help to those who believe they cannot do the job, there is an excellent website at www.thearmchairgenealogist.com/ The site gives all the help needed to get started. It is particularly important that veterans of military service preserve their life story.