Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Garth Jackson for better schools

It is admirable when anyone steps up to volunteer to serve on our school boards. Most statewide board candidates run unopposed, but in the Peninsula School District, we have choices to make.

Of the candidates for Position 4, only one has spent 12 years as a teacher in the classroom, has a master’s degree in education, has lived 41 years in this community, has spent 30 years volunteering in youth service programs, has 28 years in business planning and budgeting, has two years of postgraduate work in business administration, has the science and engineering background needed to support STEM education, has put children through Peninsula schools and has grandchildren enrolled now, has demonstrated equal support for both our schools and the taxpayer, and has experience with the Legislature and Congress.

Garth Jackson is the one with the training and experience to both challenge and support our schools and administration. Important decisions are coming up that will impact our schools for years to come. We need to elect Jackson to help lead our schools through them.

Donna Darrell

Gig Harbor