Letters to the Editor

SCHOOLS: Striking teachers want reward for subpar job

The annual teachers strike season is here. We don’t hear about the pressing issues until the start of the school year. Why aren’t they having these discussions prior to that? Oh, that’s right, they’re on their three-month vacation at the taxpayer’s expense.

The recent SAT scores came in at the lowest in a decade. Volunteers are needed to teach basic math and reading to students, some in the ninth through 12th grades. It’s a sign that the teachers are doing a bang-up job when volunteers have to come in and instruct a 12th-grader on basics. But by all means, let’s give the teachers still another raise by passing more school ballot measures and increasing skyrocketing property taxes.

Funny, the teachers don’t mention that when the school measures pass, a percentage of the proceeds go directly to them as income.

People who live in the real world don’t get rewarded for doing a subpar job. Teachers should stop blaming everything and everyone around then for their issues. Or they could go out into the real world where you actually have to perform in order to receive compensation and benefits.