Letters to the Editor

EDUCATION: WEA's fingerprints all over charter school ruling

“I like being first. I like that it’s a new school, with more opportunities than at other high schools.” That was a quote from a ninth-grade student about being part of the first class of Summit Olympus High School, a new charter school in the Tacoma Dome area (TNT, 7-19).

Unfortunately for this student and many others across Washington, they may not have the great opportunity offered by these innovative schools. We can thank the Washington Education Association for these circumstances.

Yes, it was the state Supreme Court that ruled that charter schools do not qualify, but don’t kid yourself: This ruling has the fingerprints of the WEA all over it.

The WEA has an iron grip on Washington state and has become the ultimate “kingmaker” for public office. Compared to many of the other 41 states that have charter schools, the proposal in Washington was rather small, a bit of an educational experiment with little risk, but a fantastic opportunity to make strides in education.

Instead, the WEA appears to worry more about losing dues from charter school teachers than helping all students succeed.