Letters to the Editor

I-1366: Are Roaches more than political clones?

I know Pam Roach and son Dan are political clones, but are they also plagiarists?

In Sunday’s News Tribune, Dan Roach’s byline was on a Viewpoint against Initiative 1366 which starts, “This year’s Initiative 1366 should look familiar: Voters have a 22-year track record of overwhelming approving initiatives that make it tougher for Olympia to raise their taxes. Regardless of your political leanings - whether you are as Republican, Democrat or independent voter - isn’t it better when state government prioritizes spending and reforms government rather than just raising taxes?”

In Sunday’s Seattle Times, Pam Roach’s byline was on an opinion piece against I-1366 which starts: “We’ve had more than 20 years of experience with ballot measures like Initiative 1366 that make it tougher for Olympia to raise your taxes. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or independent voter, can’t we all agree that it’s better to spur state government to prioritize spending and reform government rather than just raise our taxes?”

Both articles go on to use nearly identical wording throughout to argue for I-1366. Tim Eyman’s I-1366 would hold the state hostage to huge spending cuts unless the state constitution is changed.

Can’t the proponents of this bad initiative come up with their own original arguments?