Letters to the Editor

BENGHAZI: Liberal media ignore the real story

The much anticipated testimony of Hillary Clinton in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi is over, and according to the liberal press and mainstream media, Clinton won the day.

They told us throughout the hearing she was calm, even smiling at times as she was grilled for more than eight hours and no new information was produced.

Here’s the real story. Anybody who was paying attention learned there was a huge cover-up during the aftermath of the Benghazi attack. Clinton knew within hours that the attack was in fact a terrorist attack and not a spontaneous attack based on a YouTube video.

The liberal press and mainstream media buried the story and more than likely, we won’t hear another word about it. Why? Numerous studies have shown that journalists are mostly liberals and vote for Democratic candidates. They want Clinton to be our next president.

The Benghazi cover-up will go down in history as a major political story that was largely ignored by the liberal journalistic community. When the House Select Committee Report is published, we will learn the truth.