Letters to the Editor

Islam: Is it 'pietization' rather than 'radicalization'?

Why are we avoiding conversation about what the Quran literally says about killing and about the reform needed therein?

President Obama labeled the brutal killing by Islamic terrorists as a “perverted path” within Islam. Labels such as “misguided ideas” and “radicalization” were used to describe what transpired in vulnerable minds on this perverted path.

I would caution against the myopic use of these labels because it distracts us from taking responsibility. It lets Islamic religious leaders off the hook.

We would be better served by considering the possibility that this practice of brutal killing is due to a “literal interpretation” of portions of the Quran, that “pietization” is more accurate a term than “radicalization,” and that reform is needed within Islam.

A large movement of Islamic pietization and brutal killing was stopped in France in 732 at the Battle of Tours, and history will repeat itself until reform takes place. The portions of the Quran that teach brutal killing need to be faced and rigorously addressed by Islamic religious leaders.

As Ayaan Hirsi Ali boldly tweeted recently, “Islam pure taken to its logical conclusion leads to mass murder. Peaceful Muslims must reform their faith, not take refuge in denial.”