Letters to the Editor

KPLU: PLU loses its community connection

After reading media reports and Pacific Lutheran University President Thomas Krise’s comments (TNT, 12-22), it has become clear to me that PLU has clearly lost its community direction and contributions.

For more than 125 years, this institute of higher learning has been an active member of the community. Now, in a lack of transparency, it appears PLU has decided it no longer appreciates what the community has contributed since 1890.

The president states that KPLU is “a declining asset” that does not contribute to its mission.” I venture to say that part of the founding mission statement is to adhere to PLU’s motto, “Educating for Lives of Thoughtful Inquiry, Service, Leadership and Care.”

Every word in this motto applies to KPLU and the services it provides to the thoughtful listening audience. Perhaps now it is time to question Krise’s leadership and direction of PLU.

The founding fathers of this institution wanted its attendees to “serve church and community.” I am no longer sure they serve either, 125 years later. Krise talks about legacy; well this is one action that will change the perception of how we think about PLU.