Letters to the Editor

Bathrooms: Openness rule endangers everyone

Toni Vercillo, Tacoma

The new Washington Administrative Code 162-32, thrust upon the fine citizens by five non-elected members of the Human Rights Commission, has made public bathrooms unsafe for everyone, including transgenders who have been using the bathroom of their comfort choice forever, discreetly.

But now anyone of any sex can enter any bathroom at anytime for any reason including following someone in to harass or harm them. Come on, guys! Do you really want your nagging wife to follow you into the public restroom at the mall and continue her harassment in front of everyone in there while you pee?

Common sense is called common sense for a reason, folks. And a “Yes” on Initiative 1515 will restore it by keeping everyone safe. But we need to get it on November’s ballot. So be nice to those volunteer signature gatherers, make their day and sign the petition.