Letters to the Editor

Trump is the real liar, not Clinton

My longtime respect for The News Tribune's editorial judgment was severely shaken by your cartoon (TNT, 6/1), which shows Hillary Clinton holding one hand of a huge ogre labeled “LIES” while saying “Hands Off! He’s my running mate," while Donald Trump silently holds the ogre’s other hand.

Even as it is “generally believed today that all politicians lie ..., Trump appears extreme,” according to the Atlantic magazine article “The Mind of Donald Trump," written by a psychology expert. It cites a PolitiFact calculation that only 9 percent of Trump’s claims are true or mostly true, but 15 percent mostly false, 42 percent false, and 18 percent “pants on fire.” Adding up the last three numbers (from mostly false to flagrantly so), Trump scores 75 percent.

The corresponding figures for Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, respectively, are 66, 32, 31 and 29 percent.

Worse than just pandering to a lazy stereotype, your false cartoon aims at Clinton, despite an independent review that finds she is the most credible of the final candidates. Trump is almost three times worse, and dramatically leads the entire field as a serial liar. The article understates that Trump may have “a less than cordial relationship with the truth.” Hopefully, voters will be more emphatic.