Letters to the Editor

Selective faith bashing by liberal writer

Re: "Pope Geraldine would make a good pontiff, I bet," (TNT, 5/28). Bill Hall’s recent column castigated the Catholic and Mormon churches for failing to provide equal opportunities for women. His progressive, pontifical penning demonstrates a lack of research, or ignorance, of the traditions, philosophies, theologies and logic behind these ecclesiastical groups. However, he does nicely demonstrate the liberalism template of attacking anything that doesn’t coincide with its radical agenda.

Here’s a concept, Bill: If you're not enraptured with these churches, don’t attend them. If you still need a dogmatic dog to kick, why don’t you tackle the tenets of Islam and Sharia law regarding women’s rights? Ah, but that isn’t in the liberal playbook, is it? The progressive’s pall of tolerance covers Islam but never Christianity, which Hall’s article proves.