Letters to the Editor

DNA: Washington should follow Alaska's path

Re: “DNA test in Alaska leads to arrest in 2004 Tacoma rape,” (TNT, 6/3).

Kudos to the state of Alaska for taking a DNA sample from the man arrested on a felony charge. Had the man committed the same crime in Washington, no sample would have even been taken. Kudo, too, to the woman raped back in 2004, for still wanting to have the case tried when contacted by Tacoma police. If she hadn’t pressed charges, the sex offender would have walked free.

DNA testing is now a long recognized way of catching these low-lifes. Yet many Washington municipalities still have hundreds of untested DNA samples sitting on shelves. These need to be tested now, to catch more of these criminals before they can offend again. It also highlights the need for our legislatures to add for the DNA sampling of anyone arrested for a felony crime, not just those sex offenders and some violent crimes, as is now done in Washington.

Let’s get these creeps where they need to be, behind bars. Please contact your legislators and let’s make this happen in the next Washington legislative session.