Letters to the Editor

Election: Clinton a highly qualified candidate

Re: Libertarians field best ticket (TNT letters, 6/9).

John Mills states that “Hillary Clinton’s...biggest claim to fame is being the wife of a former president.” Maybe Mr. Mills was living under a rock for a few years and didn’t know that Hillary Clinton was our nation’s secretary of state, the most active in history, having visited 112 countries and logging over 1 million miles.

Maybe Mr. Mills was unaware that Clinton served New York as a senator for eight years. Maybe he didn’t realize that she graduated from a prestigious university and Yale law school, was the first female partner in her law firm, authored eight books and won a Grammy. Clinton has experience in the private sector as a practicing attorney and politically at the state, national and international levels.

While Mr. Mills may not care for Clinton’s politics, it cannot be denied that she is an eminently qualified candidate.