Letters to the Editor

Bag ban: Other plastic items are worse for environment

Re: “Thin plastic grocery bags on their way out in Tacoma,” (TNT, 7/14).

I appreciate the City Council’s concern about recyclable plastic bags; however, my greater concern is about all the plastic items going into our landfill every day such as cottage cheese containers, margarine containers, Starbucks plastic glasses and containers from restaurants.

This is just a sample of items that will never disintegrate. I am quite sure there are many more about which I don’t have clue.

Hopefully, one day soon retailers will correct this problem. Also, many sea birds and creatures of the sea are dying due to ingesting plastic.

I hope the council reconsiders its ban of plastic bags. I recycle them and perhaps the majority of people also do. Is there a solution to this problem? I certainly don’t know!