Letters to the Editor

Privacy: Single-user bathrooms needed at schools

Re: “State a pioneer in transgender students rights,” (TNT, 7/31).

Thanks for printing a comprehensive article in Sunday’s newspaper. This is a delicate situation for families and students involved.

A friend told me her neighbor picks up her high school daughters to use the bathroom at home because they don’t feel comfortable with several transgender and gay men using girls bathrooms and dressing rooms. I’ve heard and read similar stories in recent months. Most are afraid to speak up for fear they’ll be labeled bigots or their children will be bullied.

I think we can all agree we have the freedom to choose how to live. Everyone should feel safe in private spaces, but not at the expense of others’ privacy and safety needs. As a parent and taxpayer, I hope schools will follow the state policy that says: “Whenever feasible, covered entities are encouraged to provide options for privacy, such as single-use gender-neutral bathrooms or private changing areas, that are available to any individual desiring privacy.”

Single-user areas make more sense than letting boys and girls share restrooms and gym dressing rooms and showers. Let’s respect everyone’s privacy needs.