Letters to the Editor

Abortion: Don't forget what pope would say about it

Re: “Pope’s prayer at death camp speaks to us all,” (TNT, 8/2).

Your editorial was commendable in that it implied that the head of Christ’s church on Earth speaks and in this case prays with an accepted moral authority, which includes us all.

It is regrettable, however, that your aim was to admonish the Republican presidential nominee and not include the Democratic nominee as well. The pope could have written his prayer for “us all” on the sidewalks of Tacoma’s Martin Luther King Street, in front of either of its “death camps” sometimes referred to as abortion clinics.

Isn’t it true that those in power now and in the past kill the undesired and unwanted among us all? As we all know, just because it’s the law does not make it right. Remember what they said: “I was just following orders.”