Letters to the Editor

Food: Take a stand against antibiotic overuse

The World Health Organization has published a series of reports about antibiotic resistant superbugs, in particular an E. Coli bacteria that is resistant to the last resort antibiotic Colistin. The routine and non-therapeutic use of these antibiotics on factory farms creates a breeding ground for antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

The current campaign is against yet another large consumer of factory farmed meat: Kentucky Fried Chicken. Active members of the Tacoma community can continue to prevent antibiotic resistance by making socially responsible consumer choices such as checking that their chicken from the Metropolitan Market is raised without the use of routine antibiotics. Or they can buy from local poultry farms.

Washington is one of the greenest states, and Tacoma offers a beautiful environment habitat including Point Defiance Park and the Puget Sound. By encouraging other members of this community to remain educated about the source of our food, we can continue to grow a healthier, forward-thinking city.