Letters to the Editor

Port: Concerned citizens demand more accountability

Janet Higbee-Robinson, Tacoma

Re: “Mello: Take dirty projects off the table,” (TNT, 8/16).

I want to thank City Councilman Ryan Mello for reiterating many Tacomans’ request for “clean, high paying jobs” at our Port. The future is upon us; we experience now the hazardous consequences of our industrial past with our dying Puget Sound, polluted soils and high asthma/cancer rates.

We must creatively combine ecological practices with jobs, so as to sustain our unique Port and Salish Sea into the future. The way our community rose up against the methanol plant and now seeks to stop the liquefied natural gas plant demonstrates that concerned and aware citizens reject fossil fuel projects at the Port.

In the article, Port Commission President Connie Bacon observed that citizens desire transparency as well. You bet! Just how did Tacoma become the “Northwest City most threatened by oil trains (Sightline, July, 2015)?”

Hey, Port commissioners, decisions made without the approval of your constituency must stop!