Letters to the Editor

Gig Harbor: Rental project contradicts quality-of-life mission

Re: “Proposal would add rental housing to downtown Gig Harbor,” (”TNT, 8/27).

The Ben B. Cheney Foundation intends to develop a housing project to include 35 to 40 housing units. In my 30 years residing here, Gig Harbor has increasingly come to resemble SeaTac in its disregard for the environment and its increasing traffic congestion.

The various groves of trees within the downtown that will be cut down for the housing project not only have provided an ecosystem that for decades sustained a heronry, but also enhance the sense of Gig Harbor’s historic charm. While the Cheney Foundation maintains that targeting an “older demographic” for these planned residences will minimize the traffic impact, the fact is there isn’t even a grocery store within walking distance of downtown.

The foundation website maintains its goal “is to improve the quality of life in communities.” That goal appears to be irreconcilable with the foundation’s plan to use Gig Harbor as its “first income-generated housing project.” If it cares that much about communities, it can start by declining to exploit Gig Harbor’s downtown.