Letters to the Editor

Front page: Lesbian wedding story didn't belong there

Re: “Marriage: One will fly Alaska Airlines, the other likes Jet Blue,” (TNT, 8/31).

I was dumbfounded that an article belonging on the “society page” would be given front page status. The marriage of two museum directors does not belong on the front page of any newspaper, unless you are trying to play to the political correctness of a particular segment of society.

There was an article buried on page 15A that merited front-page coverage. It was about the maker of EpiPen receiving significant tax rate reductions by moving its operations to the Netherlands and then spending over $50 million to compensate managers for taxes they had to pay. Now that is newsworthy given the recent uproar over the drastic rise in the cost of EpiPens.

The marriage of two women certainly doesn’t qualify as news. The TNT staff needs to quit worrying about being politically correct and stay focused on real news.