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Caring for vets doesn’t stop at the doctor’s door

In advance of this year’s Veterans Day, on Sunday, the legions of men and women who have served in our nation’s military received some welcoming news: Congress finally agreed to fund the VA Mission Act, which since its June passage had been mired in budgetary disputes.


GOP loses House, and nation loses, too

Money played a role in Tuesday’s election , and so did history, misconceptions, radicalization of the innocent and feminist anger for a guy named Trump. The story is that the Republicans lost the House. The truth is that the nation lost, too.

Carbon tax initiative would charge fee on polluters, spend money on clean energy

Washington state's Initiative 1631 would place a $15-per-ton fee on carbon pollution, potentially generating billions of dollars for clean energy projects. Backers say it will mean cleaner air; opponents say it lacks accountability.