2005 | GET IT GEAR - Wish list

One of the best parts of ski season is drooling over the latest gear. And, let’s face it, with so little snow, checking out the gear might have been the best part of last ski season. Last year’s gear is probably still new to you, but if you’re in the market, here are some of this season’s hottest items.

– Craig Hill, The News Tribune


A built-in fan keeps these goggles from fogging up. Smith introduced a bulkier version of these goggles a few years ago for skiers who wear glasses. But this more streamlined edition looks like regular goggles and weighs just a few ounces more.

K2 LOTTA LUV: $1,050

The latest in K2’s line of women’s skis, the Lotta Luv has already proved to be a hot seller. With 78 millimeters under foot, it fills a gap in the Luv line that left many women buying K2’s Riccons, longer skis designed for men.

GRANGER’S G WASH SYSTEM: Detergent $19, Waterproofing $11

It’s important to keep your jackets and pants clean if you want them to remain waterproof. Not only do dirt and pollen clog the pores in the fabric, but also regular laundry detergent does. G Wash is designed for cleaning and maintaining waterproof material.


The Typhoon jacket is designed for technical skiers. It has inner pockets for goggles and water bottles and a mesh liner in the lightweight waterproof, breathable shell. “It’s a lot of jacket for the money,” says Keith Rollins, manager of Puyallup’s Sturtevant’s Ski Mart.


The lightweight Vapor snowboard is getting a lot of attention this winter. Its construction is designed for showing off in the terrain park. But some experts say it’s not ideal for cruising Northwest slopes. If you want it, you’ll have to special-order it. Ski Mart, South Hill’s Alternative Sports and Northwest Snowboards in Gig Harbor and University Place all chose not to carry this pricey board.


This cutting-edge boarding boot includes a Boa tightening system that allows you to tighten your boot laces by twisting a dial. The interior liners are heated so they mold to your feet. And gel cushions in the heels make for more comfortable landings.