Mount Rainier staffers might be able to pass along USA World Cup score

If you are heading to Paradise this afternoon to escape the heat, you might still be able to keep track of how the U.S. men’s national team is faring against Belgium in the World Cup.

The two teams are squaring off at 1 p.m. today.

I checked with a park staffer, and she said they sometimes will informally share the score with visitors who ask. Don’t forget, phone service inside the park is sketchy.

So, if you happen to be near the Longmire Museum or the Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center at Paradise between 1-3 p.m., politely ask at the desk and they might be able to help you. The park’s other visitor centers, at Sunrise and Ohanapecosh, are closed for the day.

Hopefully, if the U.S. team advances, the head honchos at National Park Service headquarters in Washington, D.C., will allow parks to post the score of the quarterfinal game.

If you do want to visit the park to avoid the heat, I would make the drive to Paradise (5,400 feet) or Sunrise (6,400 feet). It is supposed to reach 87 degrees at Longmire, but will be a cool 78 at Paradise, according to the National Weather Service. Or you could hike to Camp Muir, where it was supposed to reach 49 degrees.