Historic Gifford Pinchot National Forest cabin to be moved 16 miles

The historic Willard Ranger Station in Gifford Pinchot National Forest is scheduled to be packed on a trailer and moved 16 miles next week, according to a statement released Friday by the Forest Service.

Once the forest’s district office, the structure located in Skamania County is scheduled to be moved on Aug. 22 by Arsenault, LLC of Bend. Currently located five miles north of the Columbia River, the structure will be hauled to Peterson Prairie, seven miles west of Trout Lake, to undergo restoration.

The Forest Service’s description of the move: “The building will be lifted from its existing foundation, placed on a trailer, and driven slowly over Forest Service roads a distance of 16 miles to its new home at Peterson Prairie. Once placed on a new foundation, the cabin will be remodeled for recreation lodging use, the exterior restored to an original historic 1940 appearance.”