Overdue hikers weather storm at Mount Rainier National Park

A search for two overdue hikers last week at Mount Rainier National Park ended with them exiting the park on their own after weathering a storm, according to statement published Monday on the National Park Service website.

Two experienced hikers found themselves caught in a storm on Aug. 12 on the east side of Mount Rainier, while attempting to traverse through the Cowlitz Chimneys to Owyhigh.

The park launched a search the next morning, even pulling staff who were fighting the Shadow Lake Fire (later doused by rain) to perform what park officials called. The search included more than 30 people, including volunteers from Tacoma Mountain Rescue.

By midday on Aug. 13, the hikers had contacted the park via their family, using a cellphone. They reported their location.

On Aug. 14, the hikers backtracked to Panhandle Gap where they met rescuers. The hikers were uninjured and walked out on their own.