Nordic ski areas and non-motorize Sno-Parks


The state’s non-motorized sno-parks are some of the most popular cross-country skiing trail systems in the state. To use these trails, you must purchase a pass for your vehicle. Passes are $20 per day, $40 for the season and an additional $40 for a Special Groomed Trail pass. For more information, visit parks.wa.gov/winter. Here’s info for some of Washington’s most popular non-motorized sno-parks and some of its other top cross-country skiing areas.

Mount Baker/Methow

LocationKM Groomed Contact

Salmon Ridge 30 Yes 360-856-5700

Shadow of the Sentinels 15 No 360-856-5700

Highlands 18 Yes 509-486-2186

South Summit 30 Yes 509-996-4003


Location KM Groomed Contact

Chiwawa* 15 Yes 509-763-3101

Lake Wenatchee* 28 Yes 509-763-3101


Location KM Groomed Contact

Pipe Creek Varies No 509-852-1100

Swauk Campground Varies No 509-852-1100

Salmon la Sac 6 Yes 509-852-1100

Blewett Pass Varies No 509-852-1100

Cabin Creek* 15 Yes 509-656-2230

Crystal Springs* 11 Yes 509-656-2230

Gold Creek Varies No 509-656-2230

Hyak* 11.2 Yes 509-656-2230

Kaches Varies No 509-656-2230

Lake Easton* 7 Yes 509-656-2230

Mount Rainier

Location KM Groomed Contact

Mount Tahoma Trails 80 Partial skimtta.com

Crow Lake Way 9.7 Yes 509-653-1401

Hells Crossing 9.7 Yes 509-653-1401

Goose Egg 1.6 No 509-653-1401

Pleasant Valley 9.7 No 509-653-1401

North Fork Tieton 26 Yes 509-653-1401

Sun Top Varies No 360-825-6585

South Cascades

Location KM Groomed Contact

Cougar Varies No 360-449-7800

Marble Mountain Varies No 360-449-7800

Wakepish Varies No 360-497-1100

Pineside 27 Yes 509-395-3400

SnowKing 28 Yes 509-395-3400

Smith Butte Varies No 509-395-3400

Oldman Pass 64 Yes 509-395-3400

McClellan Meadows 64 Yes 509-395-3400

Koshko 64 Yes 509-395-3400


Location KM Groomed Contact

Mount Spokane* 25 Yes Parks.wa.gov/winter

Deer Creek Nordic Varies Yes 509-775-7400

Frater Lake 16 Yes Parks.wa.gov/winter

* denotes Special Groomed Trail pass required.


Location KM Groomed Contact

Hurricane Ridge Varies No 360-565-3000

Paradise Varies No 360-569-2211

Salmon Ridge 30 Yes nooksacknordicskiclub.org

Stevens Pass 28 Yes stevenspass.com

Summit at Snoqualmie 50 Yes summitatsnoqualmie.com

White Pass Nordic Center 18 Yes skiwhitepass.com


Location KM Groomed Contact

Echo Ridge 28 Yes lakechelannordic.org

Leavenworth 26 Yes skileavenworth.com

Loup Loup Ski Bowl 21 Yes skitheloup.com

Mazama 32 Yes Mvsta.com

Rendezvous 44 Yes Mvsta.com

Sun Mountain 59 Yes Mvsta.com

Methow 31 Yes Mvsta.com