Gifts for the fitness fanatic who needs everything

So, you say, the exercise fanatic on your Christmas shopping list already has everything.

Oh really?

Do they have a bicycle that allows them to get from Steilacoom to Anderson Island without using the ferry?

No? Well, the Schiller X1 water bike can fix that.

These bikes are crafted from stainless steel and aluminum and sit atop dual chamber inflatable pontoons. Just hop in the saddle, start pedaling and twin oscillating propellers will move you across Puget Sound.

The bike even has a watertight compartment for your cellphone and other valuables. Unlike your bike, it goes in reverse. And unlike your standup paddleboard, it folds up to fit in the trunk of your car.

Of course you could buy his-and-her bikes, paddleboards and 1994 Ford Rangers to haul them around for less than what you’d pay for one Schiller X1 water bike: $6,495-8,775.

Yikes. Maybe your special fitness fanatic can live without a water bike. (If not, you can buy one at schillerbikes.com.)

Don’t worry, there are much more affordable ideas. Here are a few:


$25, milestonepod.com

This small tracking device laces onto your shoes and will report back to you after your run with mileage, stride length, calories burned and other data. It syncs up with the free MilestonePod App for even more detail.

What the manufactures hope runners will find particularly useful is the new foot strike tracking feature. The pod will tell you if you are landing on your heel, mid foot or toes and how your foot strike changes over the course of a run. This is information that could come handy for resolving nagging injuries and making sure you purchase the right shoes.


$30-plus, rejuvahealth.com

Many runners and walkers enjoy compression socks and calf sleeves because they help them recover faster after long runs. (Some claim to make you run faster, but that’s just silly.)

However, if you shop for compression socks at the running store, you’ll notice the styles are all pretty similar. Not so bad for race day, but what if you want to wear a pair to work? Those neon green knee-high socks might not look so great with your suit.

RejuvaHealth sells a wide variety of compression socks. Brown, black, herringbone, argyle and even white with red flowers.


$15-28, nufoot.com

These neoprene shoes are waterproof and designed to make you feel as if you are going barefoot. They fit snug, like a sock, and their anti-skid soles make them an option for water sports or yoga class.

The shoes, which the company says are anti-microbial and breathable, come in a variety of styles and colors.


$280, dickssportinggoods.com

Inline skating is a low-impact activity that will build cardiovascular, core and leg strength.

In a June interview with The News Tribune, the first woman to skate across America, Kacie Cleveland of Bellingham, says modern skates are much more user friendly than the ones you probably have stashed away in your garage.

Practice and take it slow at first and falling becomes pretty rare, Cleveland said.


$65-plus, gritcitygrindhouse.com

Tacoma’s Grit City Grindhouse opened earlier this year and carries longboards from local manufacturers such as Fife’s DB Longboards, Snoqualmie Pass’ Black Dog Longboards and several Seattle brands. Shop co-owner Robert Boyle says they also still carry have a few Five Mile Skateboards. Five Mile, a Tacoma company, recently went out of business after 10 years.

Boyle says it’s important to fit the board with the rider. “That’s what we’re good at,” he said.


$1.39, most stores

Each winter Clif Bar comes out with three holiday-themed, limited-time-only flavors. This year the options are Pecan Pie, Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Iced Gingerbread.

I’ve tried all three and Pecan Pie gets a big edge over the other two, but even it isn’t on the level of Peppermint Stick Clif Bar, which the California company hasn’t made since 2012.

“Clif Bar likes to switch things up and keep these collections of bars truly seasonal so the flavors will change year-to-year,” public relations specialist Aja Viafora said via email. “We may just see the peppermint Clif Bar back in action.”


$1,199-2,199, springfreetrampoline.com

A trampoline is a great way to burn calories, improve balance and coordination and maybe even break your leg.

Springfree, an Australian company whose U.S. headquarters are in Issaquah, claims to have made the trampoline safer. Instead of the traditional springs ringing the jumping surface — the source of 83 percent of trampoline injuries according to Springfree — composite rods under the trampoline provide the bounce. Also the protective nets aren’t held in place by poles also reducing risk of injury.

pocket potty

$0.99, thepeepocket.com

A disposable device that allows women to experience the convenience of relieving themselves while standing up? Sounds like the perfect white elephant gift.

But, I’m told, it’s also a useful device for athletes, hikers and those with a fear of public toilets. The device appears to be little more than a specially designed funnel intended to be discarded after one use. Pee Pocket’s PR team says a group of doctors created the device because they were “fed up with the mess after taking their young daughters to unfit facilities.”

Grossest stocking stuffer ever? Check out the 2-minute “Pee Pocket while hiking” YouTube commercial before you poo-poo this gift idea.

Merry Christmas, ladies. Don’t forget to put the seat down.