Doggie boots

THE SITUATION: Most dog owners who live in a cold climate have seen it on a winter walk with their pup: the pathetic raised paw that screams “too cold!” Ice and snow aren’t the only culprits either, as road salt can always wreak havoc on dogs’ surprisingly sensitive paws.

A SOLUTION: Ruffwear’s Polar Trex dog boots offer a solution for your furry friend. Available as a set of four, or as a single boot in case you need a replacement or have a dog with different-sized paws, the Polar Trex keeps them dry and toasty while also offering traction on ice and packed snow.

THE DETAILS: The boots have a three-layer soft-shell upper that resists weather and is also flexible enough to allow wearers to run free. They’re gaiter height, which adds additional protection for legs, so less wiping is required when back indoors. Getting them on is also relatively easy, assuming your dog is a willing participant. They have a cam buckle strap and cord closure system that’s simple to engage and stays secure through various tricks. As an added bonus, each Polar Trex boot has reflective trim that helps keep your dog visible in low-light conditions. They are available in sizes 2-3.25 inches.

PRICE: $89.95 for a set of four; $22.50 for a single boot.

AVAILABILITY: For a fit guide or to find a list of retailers, visit ruffwear.com.

Shelby Sheehan-Bernard, Tribune News Service