Wolf Haven to temporarily close beginning Feb. 16

Wolf Haven International will be temporarily closed to the public beginning MondayFeb. 16 as the wolves there will be going through their breeding cycle.

The closure will run through March 16, and the sanctuary will not offer tours during this time, said Kim Young, director of communications.

The sanctuary is a participant in two federally managed breeding programs, one for the red wolf and one for the Mexican gray wolf. Wolf Haven currently serves as home for 11 Mexican wolves and four red wolves.

Young said the sanctuary has been recommended for breeding four pair of Mexican wolves and two pair of red wolves.

The sanctuary also is homed to 35 rescued wolves. These animals have been partially altered so they can go through typical mating behavior but not reproduce, Young said.

The administrative office will remain open during the closure.

Guided walking tours of the sanctuary are scheduled to resume March 21.

For more information on visiting the sanctuary, go to wolfhaven.org or call 360-264-4695.