Outdoor gear item for April 3

Seat cover

THE SITUATION: Bringing your dog along for a hike or run can be a great way to enhance any workout. It gives you an instant workout buddy — and there’s nothing like seeing Fido running in his element to motivate you to push a little harder. Your car, however, will show evidence of every mud puddle he stepped in unless you invest in quality seat protection like Ruffwear’s Dirtbag seat cover.

A SOLUTION: Unlike a regular sheet or blanket, the Dirtbag is made from a durable, waterproof polyester fabric that won’t allow stains to soak through. It also has various design points that help it secure to a range of vehicle seats, including cleats that attach to the seat, webbing loops to wrap around the headrests and openings to allow for seat-belt access.

THE DETAILS: Cleaning the Dirtbag is a cinch too (especially compared to scrubbing car seats): it’s machine washable in cold water and stows in its own included pocket when not in use. It also includes a zippered pocket to stash leashes, treats and other small items. Dimensions are 55 inches wide by 63 inches long.

PRICE: $79.95.

AVAILABILITY: Go to www.ruffwear.com/ dirtbag - seat - cover.

Shelby Sheehan-Bernard,

Tribune News Service