Outdoor gear item for April 11

Misfit Shine

THE SITUATION: There’s no shortage of activity monitors on the market, but most focus on function instead of fashion. If you’re wearing something 24 hours a day, though, why not make it an attractive accessory? That’s what the Misfit Shine device is all about.

A SOLUTION: A monitor with a three-axis accelerometer to measure sleep, steps, calories, distance and food intake, the Shine is made from anodized aluminum and can fit into several different compatible, interchangeable holders such as a wristband and even a necklace. It’s also available in a range of attractive colors, from seaglass blue to champagne.

The interface is about as simple as they come: The more LED lights illuminated on the device, the closer you are to your daily activity goals. You can also log into your account to get in-depth performance analysis and sync it with fitness apps such as LoseIt, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal.

THE DETAILS: Powered by a coin cell battery, the monitor doesn’t require any charging. (Anticipated battery life is six months.) It’s also waterproof to 164 feet. It syncs to a smart device via Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with a range of devices, including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Android. Dimensions are 1 1/16 by 1.8 by 1 1/16 inches.

The Misfit Shine includes a sport band and clip. Additional holders such as a necklace or leather band are sold separately.

PRICE: $99.99.

AVAILABILITY: To purchase or find a list of retailers, visit misfit.com.

Shelby Sheehan-Bernard,

Tribune News Service