Outdoor gear: IceMule Coolers

IceMule coolers

THE SITUATION: We like our drinks cold and food safely stored, but coolers can be bulky and heavy.

AN ANSWER: IceMule provides an alternative to traditional plastic coolers. They are light, waterproof and have ice-keeping performance similar to a standard cooler, but with the portability of a backpack or dry bag.

THE DETAILS: The coolers are waterproof with no zippers, and even float, making them handy for boating or hiking to a mountain lake or other place where you don’t want to lug a cooler. They’re also handy for horses, motorcycles and ATVs because they’re easy to tie down, and you don’t worry about losing a lid.

Sizes range from small (10-liter, 1.5 pounds), which has enough space to pack a six pack, up to an extra-extra-large cooler with a 40-liter capacity and enough space for 36 cans and ice.

COST: $50 for small up to $140 for extra-extra large.

AVAILABILITY: To learn more or to purchase, go to icemulecoolers.com.