Morris seminar will aid efforts to maintain Teal Lake near Port Ludlow

Well-known Olympic Peninsula fly fisher and fly tier Skip Morris will hold a one-day fly fishing seminar that will benefit the ongoing management of Teal Lake in Port Ludlow.

Using a grant from the state Department of Fish and Wildlife and with support from local merchants, the Port Ludlow Fly Fishers developed and constructed Teal Lake Park. The 16-acre fly fishing lake is open to the public and includes access for physically disabled anglers.

With the help of other area fly fishing clubs and individuals, the club continues management and maintenance of Teal Lake Park. It hosts regular field days to maintain the park, and both it and the department make annual trout plants.

All proceeds from Morris’ seminar will go to the club’s Teal Lake fund for continued management and maintenance.

Morris has published 17 books on fly fishing and fly tying during the last 25 years and has written more than 200 magazine articles on the subject. He served as the host on six instructional videos and was among the regular hosts of the “Fly-Fish Television Magazine” show.

The seminar will include four sessions, including a fly-tying demonstration and information to help anglers improve their success when fishing lakes such as those found on the North Olympic Peninsula.

The session topics are:

Fishing the Surface of a Trout Lake: This presentation takes participants through the techniques, tackle and flies that catch trout feeding in the top layer of a lake.

Fishing the Depths of a Trout Lake: As they do in streams, trout in lakes do most of their feeding below the surface. This presentation looks at fishing with sinking lines and with floating lines using weighted flies on very long leaders.

Fly Fishing for Bass and Panfish: Morris will offer tips on fly fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and panfish.

Tying Flies for Trout Lakes: In this session, he will explain how to tie and when to fish the flies he uses most often in both Olympic Peninsula and Western Washington trout lakes. During the tying demonstration, Morris will show techniques that will enable participants to tie better flies.