Fishing report for Aug. 14

Another large run of pink salmon has attracted hundreds of fishermen to the Puyallup River. There has been an issue, however, of people not obeying state fishing regulations.
Another large run of pink salmon has attracted hundreds of fishermen to the Puyallup River. There has been an issue, however, of people not obeying state fishing regulations. Staff file, 2009

Anglers fishing the Puyallup River are advised to do a better job of following regulations, or the state could impose additional closures. That is the warning from Larry Phillips, fish biologist for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Phillips said the agency’s law enforcement officers are finding many people breaking the rules because they simply have not read them. While the regulations for the Puyallup can be confusing, it is crucial fishermen follow them.

In addition, businesses and property owners along River Road are threatening to close parking areas because of the amount of trash being left behind.


POINT DEFIANCE: Fishing has picked up a bit but remains on the slow side. Pink salmon action has picked up recently in Redondo and Gig Harbor. Chinook are scattered along the Gig Harbor side, off the Girl Scout Camp and Chambers beach. The South Sound Salmon Derby is Saturday (Aug. 15). Douglas Dixon II won the Gig Harbor Puget Sound Anglers salmon derby Aug. 8. He earned the $3,500 first-place prize with a 21-pound, 6 1/4-ounce salmon. Bill Thackeray took second ($2,000) with a 19-pound, 15 1/2-ounce fish and Tom Sullivan was third ($1,000) with an 18-pound, 9 3/4-ounce salmon.

NEAH BAY: Anglers are allowed to keep one chinook Friday and Saturday. The area was closed to chinook retention earlier this month when anglers came close to meeting the harvest guideline.

WESTPORT: Two chinook can be retained daily beginning Saturday (Aug. 15). Anglers off Westport were previously limited to one as part of a two-salmon daily limit to ensure that the fishery would remain open for the entire season. Through Sunday, anglers fishing out of Westport had caught 13,515 chinook of the 29,295 guideline.

NORTH SOUND: Fishing has been really good, according to Mike Chamberlain of Ted’s Sports Center. There have been a fair number of 2-to-4-pound coho being caught in the area. Anglers have also reported success catching pinks in marine areas 9 and 10. Anglers have also reported catching a fair amount of chinook on the east side of Vashon Island at Dolphin Point.


WENATCHEE: The lake will close for sockeye salmon fishing one hour after the official sunset (8:11 p.m.) on Sunday. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife said spring chinook, protected under the federal Endangered Species Act, are seeking refuge in the lake forcing the closure.

POTHOLES: Fishing for walleye continues to be excellent, said Annie Meseberg at MarDon Resort. Most anglers are using a spinner and night crawler near the mouth of Crab Creek to catch limits. Bass fishermen are enjoying top-water action. People are having success with a Rebel Pop R or a Spro Bronze-eye Popper. Anglers have also reported catching perch, bluegill, crappie and trout.


PUYALLUP: People have been catching their limits fairly easily. The issue isn’t hooking a fish, but making sure it doesn’t snap the line or isn’t foul hooked. Don’t ignore the slower water closer to shore.

SNOHOMISH: A few fish have been caught recently, according to Chamberlain. Most have been pink salmon, specifically in the lower part of the river. The upper part is very low at this point. Most anglers have been using jigs.

SKAGIT: Most of the fish caught have been pinks, said Chamberlain, adding that it has been a decent crop but not a heavy volume. He said not many people have been fishing, and now would be a good time to take advantage.