Seahawks vs Ravens aftermath: What’s being said after Seattle’s battle with Baltimore

In a 16-game, 17 week season. Each of the 32 teams in the National Football League have a game or two, or three that they’d like to forget.

For the Seattle Seahawks, their game vs. the Baltimore Ravens was one of those games. The 30-16 loss in the return of Earl Thomas to Seattle was just one game the Seahawks would like to forget. So what’s being discussed after the Seahawks stunning loss.

Lamar Jackson, MVP Candidate

I don’t mean to pat myself on the back but well, sometimes you do what you have to do. Lamar Jackson has played out of his mind at the midway point this season, and yes is Russell Wilson still the MVP is the season ended today? Yes. However, it’s time we include Lamar in the conversation.

Not feeling quick enough? Change the shoes.

Not sure if you’ve heard but Seattle tends to get a little wet and rainy in the month of October. Well, after getting caught by some Seattle defenders more than enough times, Lamar Jackson decided to change his shoes multiple times and after the game he discussed it with the media.

Pete Carroll, not the best challenger.

Pete Carroll hasn’t been the best at challenging plays this season. It’s not the plays being challenged, but it’s how those failed challenge attempts are panning out down the road. ESPN’s Brady Henderson explains.

“Carroll made another ill-fated challenge that cost the Seahawks a timeout that they could have used at the end of the first half. He wanted defensive pass interference on a throw to DK Metcalf, but he didn’t seem to have much of a chance of winning that challenge based on how infrequently the NFL has called DPI upon review. The swiftness of the review suggests it wasn’t much of a question in the league’s eyes. That timeout would have come in handy on their final drive of the half, which ended with a field goal after a third-down throwaway from Wilson. Carroll’s optimism doesn’t seem to serve him well on PI challenges, although he did win one earlier this season.”

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