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Bomb scare in San Diego

The first airball of the day was delivered by a couple of bomb-sniffing dogs, whose interest in a hot dog stand outside Cox Arena set off a bomb scare and an evacuation of the building where the Huskies are supposed to play tonight.

All indications are that the game will go on, but tipoff might be delayed. The first of four games scheduled here today will apparently tip off about an hour and 10 minutes later than scheduled, and there's no telling if they'll be able to make up that time as the day goes along.

Alabama's team apparently was just boarding the bus to the arena for that opening game when they were told to stay away. They ended up sitting in their bus for about 30 minutes before getting the all-clear.

I was on my was on Interstate 8 on my way to the San Diego State campus when I got a call from the TNT asking about a bomb scare. My next indication of anything unusual came when I turned onto the campus, and hit a traffic jam slower and longer than normal pregame traffic.

Once the evacuation ended, traffic started up again, and things are only typically hectic here in the media tent right now -- about 12:20.

They've called a press conference to explain the situation at 12:30, and I'll update after that.