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Finally at Aloha Stadium

I've been to a lot of stadiums and arenas in my life. This is -- by far -- the worst stadium for traffic that I've ever seen.

Without traffic, it's about a 20 minute drive from hotel to stadium. Today it took more than two and a half hours. I spent one hour on the mile-long stadium exit. The math majors among you will quickly realize that that's a 1 mph pace. Of course, that's just an average. There was lots of time not moving at all, which was compensated for by short 2 mph bursts.

However, no one in Hawaii about to what a pretty interesting football game should complain about anything, so, onward.

From here, I'll click in with any pregame notes. Then try to give quarterly reports. Then, if any of you have the energy after a game likely to end around 12:15 a.m., I'd love to hear your thoughts, not only on the game, but also your take on UW's future.

For those of you who call it a night before the game ends, I'll try to have a good on-line package waiting for you in the morning: the usual notes and quotes, but also something more like a game story, since deadlines won't allow a conventional story into the Sunday paper.