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Turner's fate tied to Ty's?

I had a little bit of a follow-up conversation with athletic director Todd Turner today, which I'll write about a bit in my Friday column. (Also included will be my 2007 UW report card and look ahead to 2008.)

However, the three key points were these:

Turner thinks it is possible that coach Tyrone Willingham could go into a fifth season without an extended contract -- but not likely.

Despite whatever he might have meant in his controversial quote, he made it clear that mere "quality of the student's experience" won't be enough in Willingham's fourth season: Wins on the field are necessary.

And finally, he knows and accepts that any extension of his own contract -- which runs out in July 2009 -- may depend on whether he was right or wrong about advocating another year for his head football coach.

"I think my fate is tied with everybody I hire - yeah, for sure," he said. "Athletic directors, more so now than ever before are held to a pretty rigorous standard. It used to be quite easy for athletic directors to sit in the chair for 25 years, make lots of hires and lots of decisions and lose every friend they had along the way and still hold on to their positions. I just think that the profession has evolved to a different level of accountability. And that's not all that bad."