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Neuheisel now "front-runner" for UCLA job?

Word on two coasts -- LA and Baltimore -- places former UW coach Rick Neuheisel as the front runner for the head coaching job at his alma mater, UCLA.

The news provoked this whimsical post (taken from the comments section in a previous post) from blog contributor PapaHawk:

Excerpts from interview between UCLA Chancellor and Rick Neuheisel:

Chancellor: Rick, what are your plans for the program when you first get to UCLA?

RN: Excellence, become the beacon of football greatness in the Pacific 10 conference.

Chancellor: About your time at CU and UW, both programs struggled when you left. If I hire you am I going down that road too?

RN: You have already hired me. By granting me an interview you basically have sealed your own fate. Nobody can resist me ... you have no choice. By agreeing to talk in person with me you have already gone there. college administrators cannot resist my boyish charm and optimism. My candor in this situation will make you feel at ease, like I have changed. Even though I can't change everything, you will think I have.

Chancellor: Okay.

RN: When do I officialy start?

Chancellor: You had me at hello.

RN: Anything else I can do for you?

Chancellor: Can you play me a song on your guitar?