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Lappano says Locker probably out for season

The biggest news out of UW Tuesday once again involved injuries. (Here's the story from TNT sportswriter Eric Williams who handled the Huskes yesterday.)

Offensive coordinator Tim Lappano said that quarterback Jake Locker will have more tests on his surgically repaired thumb Wednesday, but that it seems likely that he'll be out for the remainder of the season.

"We'll know more tomorrow," Lappano said. "They moved him into a hard cast, whatever that means. He can't sit there like this and hold it up, and at night it still throbs a little bit. That was last week. ... He's not going to miss spring ball, or anything like that. There's no way. It's not like that. But is he going to play before the season is over? Who knows. Highly unlikely I would guess. Tomorrow we'll know more, but he's going to miss spring ball. It's not going to be that bad."

His other information was on starting guard Casey Bulyca, who coach Tyrone Willingham announced yesterday will undergo knee surgery which could end his college career. Lappano seemed to indicate the prognosis is less certain.

"He's been hobbled for a couple weeks," Lappano said. "He's been bothered, but he's been working through it. He knows he hadn't been really effective with it. It came to a point he's not helping anybody. He's not playing real good with it. He knew he wasn't helping the team, and it got so painful he had to have it looked at. We don't know the extent of it. There's some speculation it could be two weeks, it could be seven weeks. They won't know until they get in there. If there's some floating bone in there, it could be awhile. If there's not, it won't be that long."

Lappano also said:

*Oregon State looks a lot better on recent film than they did early in the season.

*OSU's reworked front seven is coming on strong, and the defensive backs like to bump the receivers at the line.

* TB Willie Griffin wasn't a fumbler in high school, but he's developed a problem this season -- in practices and in the Arizona game -- what has to be solved.