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Chris Petersen says he’s named a starting QB, but won’t announce publicly until Friday’s season opener

SEATTLE -- Rumors and speculation, Chris Petersen said Sunday, are just fine with him. And if you’re a Washington Huskies football fan, that’s just about all you’re going to get when it comes to discussing who might start at quarterback in Friday’s season opener at Boise State.

Petersen says he’s named a starting quarterback, and the team knows who it is. But he wouldn’t make that decision public during Sunday’s press conference, saying that he simply doesn’t think revealing his plan will do the Huskies any good.

So, any of the three candidates -- Jeff Lindquist, Jake Browning and K.J. Carta-Samuels, whose names have been written together approximately six trillion times since this competition began back in spring -- could, ostensibly, be the guy.

Or all three could play. Or two of them. Petersen did his best to rule nothing out on Sunday.

“Because we kind of figured it out in the last day or two, we just really don’t think it’s an advantage to us to tell you our strategy right now on that position (quarterback),” Petersen said. “And so we’ll pretty much announce that starting quarterback (at) game time. If we thought it helped us, or if it was three weeks ago, or a month ago – but because it’s been so late, we don’t really think that helps us a whole lot. So we’ll just show up to the game and go with our plan. But we do feel good about our plan and we’ll go from there.”

Asked why he’s not naming a starter publicly when speculation already abounds regarding the decision, Petersen replied: “We would like rumor and speculation, as much as you can do for that, that’ll help us. We think that’s part of what helps us. Our guys know what’s going on, and that’s the important thing, and so five days before the game, that doesn’t really help us a whole lot, so come up with a bunch of different scenarios. That’d be good for us.”