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Quoting Chris Petersen after Huskies’ 16-13 loss at Boise State

Here is everything Huskies coach Chris Petersen said after his team’s 16-13 loss at Boise State in the 2015 season opener.

(How hard was this week for you and your family?) “Not very. I mean, we’re excited to play football. It’s a little different situation when you come back and play against so many of these coaches that are like brothers to us. That’s probably been the hardest. I think last year or the year before, we had great communication back and forth, and probably about eight months ago, the communication stopped. Hats off to the Broncos. Awesome college environment. They’ve got a really good team play very hard well coached. Hats off to them.”

(On the reception from the fans) “These people are awesome. I appreciate ‘em, and it’s a great place to play college football.”

(On Jake Browning’s performance) “This is a really hard environment to throw anybody into first time, let alone a freshman. But I thought he did some good things. I know there’s a lot of little things that he’s going to tweak right away to help him out. Really need to put this tape on to see how we did in the pocket. I thought he got out of there a couple times and threw balls away (on plays) that we had nothing, which was good. He ran a couple times, and I think he can run a little bit more. But I think he and we will continue to progress and get better.”

(On the defense keeping the team in it) “Well, I think our defense – again I thought Boise ran the ball really well, kept us on our heels. Our defense kind of swelled up when it needed to. Again, when one side is not doing anything, it puts a lot of pressure on the other side. So our defense hung in there well. I thought our guys on offense settled down a little bit better in the second half and we played fairly well on special teams to help us out. But we’ve got to be able to run the ball a little bit – not even a little bit, a lot. That’s too much pressure on everybody when we can’t run the ball.”

(Did you think you’d run the ball better?) “Yeah, I did. Knowing how good their defense is, I still thought we’d be able to run it better than we did. We didn’t run it worth anything tonight.”

(On what didn’t work in the running game) “We’ll have to put the tape on. A lot of guys in blue jerseys, I’m sure. But it’s also some of our new guys calming down. We never really could get into a rhythm in the first half to stay on the field long enough, and the run game’s about rhythm. So we need to stay on the field longer to get that going.”

(On the defense’s improvement in the second half) “I just think they settled down and we tackled better. I was worried about that in the first half. You always are, especially against an experienced offensive line. I thought their backs ran hard and were kind of running through some of our arm tackles, and I thought we tackled better in the second half. Started to get a little momentum. As soon as anything gets sparked, a special-teams play or offense, I think it helps the defense out, just not feeling like they’re helpless. So that helped us out a little bit.”

(On whether he’s happy to have this game over with) “It’s a different game. I don’t think many people are in this situation. But again, I don’t want to minimize it. You only get so many of these games, and this is a really good team that we played, and we had a chance, so I think that’s really frustrating, that we couldn’t do a little bit more.”

(On standing on the visitors sideline) “That felt kinda weird. I stood over there once during a scrimmage, but other than that it felt pretty weird.”

(On whether he says anything to Cameron Van Winkle about the miss) “That’s not on him. He had a little breeze in his face. It was right there. I thought he was going to make it. I’ll say something to him: keep doing what you’re doing. That was a long, tough field goal.”

(On what he says to Jake Browning) “I haven’t even talked to him yet. Jake, he’s a grinder. He’ll be in there tomorrow morning watching the thing and getting better. he’s got a pretty calm demeanor.”

(He’s pretty disappointed) “Absolutely. Our whole team is. We expect to win, but we’ve got to get better. Everybody we play is really good, and so we’ve got to have some urgency to get better in a hurry.”

(What was the thought on how you used K.J. Carta-Samuels?) “We have a little bit of a package for he/Jeff (Lindquist). Looks like he’s just going in there and handing off, but there’s some read-type stuff. He also may change the play up there. we want to keep all those guys involved.”

(Looked like Jeff was a little dinged up?) “Jeff, he’s been a little bit dinged up for the last week or so, yeah. But he’ll be OK.”

(Did that factor into the QB decision?) “Not a ton. We want to get Jeff going. We want to get him involved, there’s no question about it. We’ve got to use all the weapons that we have.”

(On special teams being a spark) “If we didn’t have that, we’d really be struggling. We spend a lot of time on them and the kids buy into them. I think they’ll continue to buy in, get a few things done, because all those plays were huge and kept us in the game.”

(On whether he wanted Browning to run more clock before spiking the ball) “I wanted him to look over and just run it down there. Again, a bunch of little things. It wasn’t game-changing or game-costing, but just some management things we’ve got to work through.”

(On how Browning was able to win the job) “I think he’s got a good demeanor about him. He’s an accurate thrower. He’s got pretty good pocket presences, really understands football. It’s just all those things. We’ve got two other good quarterbacks, too, so it was hard figuring out who we were going to go with, and those guys are going to keep competing.”

(On talking with Boise State players afterward) “I wish I could talk to all those guys a little bit longer. They’re great kids, they’re in good hands and they’re going to do some good things this year.”