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Quoting Chris Petersen after Huskies’ 49-0 win over Sacramento State

Here’s most of what Huskies coach Chris Petersen said after the Huskies’ 49-0 victory over Sacramento State. Most newsworthy: there is no update yet on freshman cornerback Austin Joyner, who was apparently injured on the opening kickoff. But Petersen said “probably not good.”

(Was this progress?) “I think it was. Got off to a slow start. That was not the mission. But once they settled down, I think that has to do with young guys, and a little bit of just confidence, continue to grow that as the season goes on. But it was progress. They worked really hard in practice, and if that can continue, we’ll continue to progress. So we’re pleased with that.”

(On the shutout) “I thought our defense, for the last six quarters, has played really well. And it was really good to put the young guys in in the fourth quarter. Piut them in a bad situation (and) they kept competing. Game not on the line, that changes things a little bit. But it still was nice to get them in there and not have them hitting their teammates, and see those guys make plays, and they really did. I think they had fun doing it, and it was good to see. It’s interesting to see out there, just so many first-year players, whether it’s true freshmen or redshirt freshmen. One time I think the whole field was that. That’s good news. That’s good for the future. Again, if these kids keep working and grinding and all those type of things, we’ll progress.”

(On Jake Browning’s performance) “We’ve got to put the tape on. There was a couple things that he was making a lot harder on himself than he needed to. … The kid can throw it in there. He can do that. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good on a few throws. Saw that in there as well. And so I think he’s got to settle down and maybe trust the protection a little bit more, but I think he did some good things.”

(How important was Myles Gaskin today?) “Real important. Myles is a shifty runner. You can see that. A couple times, things were blocked pretty well – I think the o-line’s making a little bit of progress there – and a couple times it wasn’t blocked pretty well, and he’d still fight and get some things done. That’s what we’ve kind of seen out of him all fall camp is that if we can just keep guys covered up, he’s got a knack to be pretty patient, which is a little bit uncharacteristic for a young guy. That’s a little bit of his style. I think we’ll keep building on that.”

(On Chico McClatcher) “Chico’s a little bit similar to Myles. Both of those guys are really shifty. They’re kind of physical-type players for being young guys. I think Chico’s really a physical player. He’s just on the short side, but he’s extremely physical. And he’s also a unique guy. Is he a running back? Is he a receiver? Is he a sweeper? He is. He’s all those things. And I think he’s one of those guys that we’ve got to continue to figure out ways to get the ball to.”

(Feel like those true freshmen are going to be part of the plan?) “Yeah. We really don’t have much of a choice in a lot of this. Those are our guys, with our handful of guys that have been around here, some of our veterans, those are the guys that we’ve got. They’re great kids and they’ll keep working hard. If we have a little luck and stay healthy with those guys, we’ll progress.”

(On the downfield passing game) “I think a little bit of progress there. I think we’re going to make more progress as we continue to develop that area of our game. I think as protection gets better – it’s hard, because a couple of times, there were blitzes, and we didn’t pick it up well, and then that can spook a young quarterback sometimes. And so then we go back and throw it again, and he’s maybe getting out of there a little bit soon, and doesn’t really need to, and so that’s what we’ve got to be able to work through. That’s a hard thing, to play that quarterback position and really trust the protection when we make some young errors up front as well, and guys are coming scot-free, or guys slip off. So it’s a fine balance of when to trust it and when to get out of there, and we’re still working through that.”

(On settling down after slow start) “It was good, and it was good for everybody to settle down a little bit. You know how those games can go, when you’re supposed to be the favorite and they’ll come out and strike right away, and guys – especially young guys – start to press and get tight, and you don’t like it. And so it took us really the whole first half to kind of settle down, and I think guys felt a little bit better about things. But we’ve got to be able to learn to play when it’s tight, because that’s going to be more the norm than not. But it’s just good to go out there and play another game and make some progress. We’re all really anxious to go put the tape on and do that thing where, ‘oh, you’re kidding me. Oh, that was good. Oh, you’re kidding me. That was good.’ We’ve got a lot of that going on always. You walk down the halls, you hear that from all the coaches in their offices.”

(Would you rather play this game first, then Boise State?) “Well, I mean, I think when you have a young team, you’d maybe like those games flipped a little bit. But we don’t control it. I think we gained a lot, I’m hoping, from going over there (in) a tough environment (against) a really good team, and we’ve got a very similar-type team coming in next week. we’ve known this for a long time. I think the two best teams – there’s debate on this – but I think on paper, we’ve known Utah sTate for a long time, I think going in, Utah State and Boise State are the two better teams in the Mountain West. There’s probably a team or two that could make an argument, but we know that from the last handful of years. They’ve done a great job, and we’ll talk more about that later, but we better continue to progress, or we’ll be in trouble.”

(Austin Joyner got banged up?) “We’ll have more on that on Monday or Tuesday or whenever we talk to you guys again and find out. But he didn’t return, so probably not good.”

(What was better today than last week?) “The only thing I can really tell you without putting the tape on is we were able to stay on the field a little bit longer and get a little rhythm going to the running game and get more plays run, so that was better. I thought our defense, once they settled down – I thought Sac State did a great job early on converting those third downs. We did not. Fourth down, we didn’t convert third downs, they were like, I don’t know, 4-of-5 right away. And then that kind of went away. Our defense settled down and started making them punt. So you’d like to start a little bit faster. But once we got warmed up, I think we settled down, we were able to stay on the field and make plays. It was nice to see the special teams show up again with another blocked kick.”

(On the decision to play Trey Adams) “We need Trey. We’ve got to get these young guys going, and he’s going to be a heck of a player and we’re excited about him. Like I said, he’s one of our guys, and we’ve got to get him up to speed. We wanted to play him in the first game. He just wasn’t quite there. It’s good to get it on tape and we’ll continue to grow each week and get more and more reps, and so we’re excited to get him in the game.”

(Ever played a true freshman offensive lineman before?) “First time. It’s also the first time we’ve had a guy like Trey on the offensive line.”

(How is he different?) “(He’s) physically different than a lot of the guys I’ve been around, as a true freshman.”

(What was your opinion of young players’ improvement?) “To really answer that question, I’m going to have to watch the tape. I think it was just good for those guys to go out and score some points. Good for our defense to keep points off the board. I think confidence is just everything in this game. It really is. And so we gained a little confidence today, I know that. And we’re going to need that, because the next game will be significantly different, in terms of matchups and those types of things.”

(On Jake Browning during the two-minute drill late in the first half) “That’s kind of a little bit his game. We’re trying to figure out how to make that his game the whole time. I think you saw it in Boise as well. He plays some of his better ball when we spread it out, going fast, can see things. He did a great job. We practice that a lot, and we were able to get some things done there.”

(Do you feel like Browning progressed in terms of learning from mistakes?) “I do. I still think we’ve got to work real hard on our pocket presence. As I alluded to earlier – trusting protection, when to get out of there. He’s kind of been interesting because that’s not really his deal, spinning out of there, making guys miss. Sometimes I think it’s such a unique speed. I think I use that word unique. He’s not really fast, and guys overrun him, and somehow he gets out of it, but that’s not really his game. But he’s been doing that. So if we can keep him in his game – which we think his game’s going to be pocket passer, hang in there, take some shots and throw the ball down field.”

(On the front seven stuffing the run) “There’s good progress. First two weeks are good progress. We’ll be tested in a little bit different way again next week. I think we’ve got some pieces up there that we’re not completely outmanned. And we’re staring to play well as a group. I’m already anxious for the next game to see how this thing’s going to progress.”

(Do you think Azeem Victor got your message?) “That is a good question. A lot of times, I think guys got my message, (and) some guys get it faster than others. I hope he did. Azeem’s a good kid, he really is. Plays with a lot of emotion, and he’s going to make a lot of plays for us. To compete like we want to compete, though, it’s really hard to keep your poise at all times, and we’ll make progress in that area, as well.”

(What did he do to draw the penalty?) “I think he was flexing his muscles on a guy.”

(Do you bench a guy automatically for unsportsmanlike conduct?) “No, it’s not. Some of the stuff, you’ve got to be able to see what it is and the situation and all that. We talk a lot about that, and it’s hard. It’s easy for me to sit up here relaxed and nobody’s running me out of bounds or anything like that, or said something to me. It’s easier said than done. But we’ll get there as well.”

(Did you throw more at Jake this week, or will you?) “Our plan was significantly different. That’s the thing that’s a little bit hard. When you get a different scheme, you have to attack it a different way, and that’s the one thing that can be a little bit unsettling with all these young guys, because we worked on a plan for Boise for a while, then you get a completely different scheme. You have to put new things in. we’re always trying to carry as much over as we can, so we get those groove calls, those banked reps. But it’s not always going to be like that. Everybody brings a new set of problems, and you’ve got to give them a chance to attack it right. So it’s that fine line between, OK, we’ve got the new things in and is it too much mentally, and – yeah, it’s the best thing on the chalkboard, but can they get it done in our short practice window.”

(What went through your mind on the TD pass to Marvin Hall?) “He had two of them that there were some things going through my mind that you guys can probably imagine. And then hey, sometimes you’d rather be lucky than good. That was that. It’s good to see Marvin hang in there. those are hard balls to catch. Those guys do a bazillion ball drills, every kind you can imagine, tip balls and blind balls and all those things, and hanging in there and making something happen. And we’ll have to put it on tape. I don’t know if he shouldn’t have thrown the ball, or just got more over him. But Jake is going to take some chances throwing some balls in windows, and you can see him do that. A lot of times, it’s very pretty. Other times, it’s like, maybe that ball needs to go down to the back. And those are things that we’ve got to put on tape and analyze, and he’ll get better at.”

(Ever have a true freshman QB like that?) “Yeah, I had one like that.”

(His first name start with K?) “It might. … So, h did a good job. He’ll throw it in there. he will. That’s what you like about him. He sees things pretty well. He’s still getting used to the speed of college football, but he’s doing a good job adjusting, and he’ll continue to grow.”